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    A little bit 'bout this web site

    My family has its root in the Chaoshan area. My dad was born there, and my mom's family was rooted there too before they moved to Guangzhou. Many of my relatives speak Teochew, however when it comes to my generation, we don't live in Chaozhou, and we can't speak the dialect any more. Because of this, I originally tried to look for some self-learning materials to learn a bit of it, just for fun anyway. But after searching through all the bookstores, libraries and Internet, I realized that such materials were very limited. Then I decided to start this web site, on the purpose of both self-learning and providing those who are interested an additional source.

    About the Webmaster

    A Hongkong university student who has a great passion in linguistics and languages...

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    And last but not least, I would like to say thanks to my father here, because he has helped a lot during the making of this web site, including recording the audio files for the pronunciations.

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