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    Just like all other Chinese dialects, every Teochew word is monosyllabic and has the structure CVC. The initial consonant is commonly refered to as the initial, and the following VC cluster is refered as the rhyme.

    According to the following Pengim scheme for Teochew issued in 1960, there are altogether 18 initials (including zero initial) and 61 rhymes.

    However, since the scheme has been issued for more than 40 years, some of the rhymes are already lost, while some new one have developed. In addition, as the different variants of Teochew differ in their collection of rhymes, and in this web site we try to include them all, therefore the number of rhymes used exceeds 70.

    Initial Table
    b [p] p [ph] bh [mb] m [m]
    d [t] t [th] n [n] l [l]
    z [ts] c [tsh] s [s] r [dz]
    g [k] k [kh] gh [ŋg] ng [ŋ]
    ø h [h]

    Plosive Nasal Lateral Affricative Fricative
    voiceless voiced voiced voiceless voiceless voiced
    unaspirated aspirated unaspirated unaspirated aspirated
    Bilabial p ph mb m
    Alveolar t th n l ts tsh s dz
    Velar k kh ŋg ŋ
    Glottal h

    Rhyme Table
    i [i] u [u]
    a [a] ia [ia] ua [ua]
    o [o] io [io]
    ê [e] [ue]
    e [ɯ]
    ai [ai] uai [uai]
    oi [oi] ui [ui]
    ao [au] iao [iau]
    ou [ou] iu [iu]

    in [ĩ]
    an [ã] ian [ĩã] uan [ũã]
    ion [ĩõ]
    ên [ẽ]
    en [ɯ̃]
    ain [ãĩ]
    oin [õĩ]
    im [im]
    am [am] iam [iam] uam [uam]
    ing [iŋ] ung [uŋ]
    ang [aŋ] iang [iaŋ] uang [uaŋ]
    ong [oŋ] iong [ioŋ]
    êng [eŋ]
    eng [ɯŋ]

    ih [iʔ]
    ah [aʔ] iah [iaʔ] uah [uaʔ]
    oh [oʔ] ioh [ioʔ]
    êh [eʔ] uêh [ueʔ]
    oih [oiʔ]
    ib [ip]
    ab [ap] iab [iap] uab [uap]
    ig [ik] ug [uk]
    ag [ak] iag [iak] uag [uak]
    og [ok] iog [iok]
    êg [ek]

    Note: IPA symbols are denoted in brackets. if your browser cannot display the symbols correctly, please download the font Doulos SIL.

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