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    Teochew Vocabulary - Pronouns and Question Words

    Word Pronunciation Meaning
    ua2 I
    le2 you (sg.)
    i1 he/she
    uang2 we (not incl. the listener)
    nang2 we (incl. the listener)
    ning2 you (pl.)
    伊人 i(1) nang7 they
    我個 ua2 gai7 my

    Word Pronunciation Meaning
    哋個 di7 gai5 who
    乜個 mih(8) gai5 what
    這個 (6) gai7 this
    許個 he(6) gai7 that
    這仔 zi(7) gian2 here
    許仔 he(7) gian2 there
    哋仔 di(7) gian2 where
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